Your child will attain the academic, sporting, creative, social and cultural skills to excel in senior school and beyond.

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Year 3 (age 7) to Year 6 (age 11) 

At Hoe Bridge Prep School, we ask nothing more of your child than to do their best in every pursuit. This is echoed in the school motto: Semper Optimum Meum (Always My Best). 

Many families join us from our Pre-Prep department, so are already familiar with the many benefits of a Hoe Bridge education and our unique ethos. These children, of course, can maintain the friendships they have made in their younger years, but also make new friends as others join us from different schools, their parents keen for their children to gain the best preparation for the next chapter of their education. 

Children are then ready to continue their journey into Senior Prep and into our Senior School or leave us at the end of year 6 and 8 for education at external senior schools as happy, confident pupils who have achieved their best, frequently beyond their own and their parents’ expectations. Whichever path they take as they progress through formal education and life beyond, they will always remember and appreciate the excellent teaching, care and richness of experiences here. 

Year 3 & 4

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Year 5 & 6

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Wraparound Care

7.30am to 6.30pm

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