Pre-Prep Co-curricular

Co-Curricular Activities

As extra-curricular activities are such a core part of life at Hoe Bridge, we often find our reception children are ready to get stuck into to our exciting and hugely varied activity programme.  During the summer term of Reception, we introduce some sports and creative after school activities until 4.30pm in readiness for a broader selection from Year 1 onwards.  

For Year 1-2, we add more after-school activities, which take place between 45 minutes and an hour after the end of the school day at 3.30pm.  All are eagerly anticipated, and in many cases, participation leads to a lifelong interest.  They can also be invaluable in supporting your child’s social and emotional development.  Activities are as diverse as Running to Chess, Robotics to Musical Theatre with Stagecoach.  We always encourage children to try as many new things as possible, whilst not over committing!   

After activities have finished for the afternoon, they can return to wraparound care until 6.30pm if required. 

Autumn Term Activities 

Day Activities  

Day Activity Year Group
Monday ISTD Modern Grade 1/ RAD Ballet Primary  Year 1
RAD Ballet Primary with Miss Kath Reception
Baby Ballet with Miss Kath Nursery Acorns
RAD Ballet Primary & ISTD Modern Grade 1 with Miss Kath  Year 2
Tuesday Ukulele Club with Mrs Dupont Year 2 
Wednesday Junior Choir Club with Mrs Dupont Year 1 & 2 
Recorder Club with Mrs Dupont  Year 2 
Street Dance with KV Academy  Reception
Street Dance with KV Academy  Nursery Acorns
Thursday Gymnastics with Mrs Russell Year 1 & 2 
Friday Tap with KV Academy  Year 1 & 2 

After School Activities 

Day Activity Year Group
Monday      Roll With It Football Coaching  Year 1 & 2
Mystery Maths Club with Miss Saxe  Yaer 1 & 2
Cooking Club with Mrs Coote Year 1 
Coding Club with Mrs Nock Year 1 & 2
Tuesday    LAMDA Year 1 & 2 
Chess Club with Axon Chess Academy  Year 1 & 2 
All Star Cricket with Mrs Russell Year 1 & 2
Genie Lab Science Club  Year 1 & 2
Musical Theatre with Mrs Greenhill Year 1 & 2
Mixed Netball with Mrs Russell Year 1 & 2
Wednesday     Mini & Me Fitness Club with Sally Beere (Adults Must Attend) Year 1 & 2
Acro with KV Academy Year 1 & 2 
Debating Club with Mrs Archer Year 1 & 2 
GenieLab Science Club  Year 1 & 2 
Creative Writing Club with Miss Saxe Year 1 & 2 
iPad Computing Club with Miss Dow Year 1 & 2 
Thursday    Street Dance with KV Academy  Year 1 & 2 
Martial Arts with The Dojo Woking Year 1 & 2
Arts & Crafts with Mrs Walker Year 1 & 2 
Team Challenge Club with Mrs Archer Year 1 & 2 
Cross Country with Mrs Russell Year 1 & 2 
Friday   Cooking with Mrs Coote Year 2
Code Camp Year 1 & 2 
Multi-Sports with Coach Nas Year 1 & 2
Musical Theatre with KV Academy  Year 1 & 2