Our caterers, Holroyd Howe work exclusively in the independent school sector. They specialise in providing freshly prepared and nutritious food, priding themselves on getting to know those they feed and becoming part of the school community. Our resident chef Tom oversees our dedicated kitchen staff who prepare and cook all our food on site daily.

We offer a choice of a hot meal or a baked potato, homemade soup and a salad selection with a daily choice of desserts including cooked puddings or ice-cream, and fruit. We support most dietary requirements including halal, gluten, dairy and egg free options and have a no nut policy. We use organic produce where possible, Red Tractor meat that is traceable, safe and farmed with care, we never use fish on the Marine Conservation Society ‘fish to avoid’ list and all our eggs are free range.

Lunch is a family time at school; a teacher or teaching assistant heads the table in Pre-Prep and either teaching staff or older student in Prep. Children sit in social rather than class groups and we encourage the children to try new foods. We expect all the children to hold a knife and fork correctly; knife in the right hand and fork in the left unless religious reasons dictate otherwise; and we teach them how to cut their food giving help where it is needed. Children clear their own dishes away having first asked the teacher that they may do so.

Take a look at the tasty lunch menu for the week commencing 2 December 2019

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup of the day   Roasted sweet potato soup Leek and potato soup    Broccoli and stilton soup Curried parsnip soup spicy mixed bean soup
Main meal  Thai inspired chicken curry Beef lasagne

Pork meatballs with tomato sauce

Consibee sausages Giant fish fingers
Vegetarian meal Thai inspired vegetable curry  Sweet potato and broccoli lasagne

Quorn bolognaise

Stuffed peppers  Stir-fried vegetable fajitas
Vegetables &

Steamed rice

Green beans

Prawn crackers   

Baton carrots

Cucumber sticks

Homemade garlic bread


Pea and sweetcorn

Mashed potato

Braised white cabbage


Chipped potatoes

Garden peas

Mushy peas

Curry sauce

Jacket potato Jacket potato with baked beans  Jacket potatoes with cheese Jacket potato with baked beans   Jacket potato with cheese  Jacket potato with baked beans 
Something sweet Citrus sponge Natural yogurt with fruit compote  Vanilla shortbread Steamed syrup sponge chocolate brownie
Daily A variety of salads, a selection of fresh cut & whole fruit and a basket of fresh bread are available every day



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