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Ethos & Aims

On joining Hoe Bridge School, our children, parents and staff become part of a very special community, with everybody playing a vital role. An ethos and aims are important in any community: at Hoe Bridge, ours are designed to ensure respect, courtesy and inclusivity, as well as the most supportive environment for an excellent education.


Happiness   -  Confidence   -  Achievement



To inspire in children a passion for lifelong learning, where an exceptional education, beyond factual learning, fosters unique life skills, creativity, knowledge and wellbeing.


A dynamic school community where everyone is encouraged to achieve their true potential through a broad, challenging and diverse curriculum. We enable and foster a passion for lifelong learning, whilst embracing and valuing individuality within the school community and wider society.


To shape future citizens who have the academic, personal and social skills to make informed choices as well as being empathetic, resilient and responsible members of society fully embracing British values. A dedicated, caring and well qualified staff provide a varied curriculum, within and beyond the classroom, giving opportunities and challenging abilities to develop independent thinking young people. An engaging, broad, progressive education based on Christian principles and enriched with stimulating and varied opportunities to develop creativity, curiosity and innovation.



The Hoe Bridge Way is a set of behaviours that is embedded in school life. We aim to maintain and reinforce it at every opportunity, discussing and promoting it regularly in assembly, in class and on the sports field. 

Work Hard

  • we work hard to be our best selves
  • we keep trying, we never give up
  • we keep questioning, we’re curious, we try new things
  • we’re proud of our achievements and we celebrate the achievements of others


  • we listen to the views of others and respect their thoughts
  • we wait our turn without interrupting

Look After Property

  • we respect everyone’s belongings and our own
  • we look after our world in school and beyond


  • we share friends, ideas, books and toys
  • we are generous to others through our charity giving, locally and beyond
  • we share our time and our world

Say Sorry & Move On

  • we are accepting of other’s mistakes and forgive
  • we are hopeful that if we go wrong we will be forgiven

Kind & Helpful

  • we think of others and their needs before our own
  • we are willing to help without being asked and for no reward
  • we celebrate good manners


  • we are gentle in our words and actions
  • we are modest
  • we respect other people’s space


  • we always tell the truth
  • we own up even when it is hard to do so
  • we trust each other

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