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Ethos & Values

On joining Hoe Bridge School, our children, parents and staff become part of a very special community, with everybody playing a vital role. An ethos and values are important in any community: at Hoe Bridge, ours are designed to ensure respect, courtesy and inclusivity, as well as the most supportive environment for an excellent education.




To have fun, friends and fulfilment


To develop respect, self-reliance, independence and leadership enabling pupils to use their breadth of knowledge practically in school and throughout their lives


To develop the intellectual/academic, sporting, social and cultural/creative skills in order that pupils excel both within Hoe Bridge and beyond



The Hoe Bridge Way is a set of behaviours that is embedded in school life. We aim to maintain and reinforce it at every opportunity, discussing and promoting it regularly in assembly, in class and on the sports field. Following the Hoe Bridge Way, we:

  • Work hard to be our best selves

  • Listen

  • Look after property

  • Are honest

  • Are kind and helpful

  • Are calm and gentle

  • Share

  • Say sorry and move on

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