Pre-Prep Creative Arts

Creative Arts


Our Early Years children are often up to their elbows in paint, playdoh, clay, water, glitter and glue, showcasing endless uses for yoghurt pots and the insides of kitchen rolls! As the children progress up through the school the use of different media becomes more structured and understanding of perspective, the effects of shading and colour mixing is developed through experimentation. 


Always popular and highly enjoyable, drama provides children with a wonderful opportunity to express and project themselves, building self-confidence, teamwork and responsibility.  Performance opportunities are aplenty even for our pre-prep pupils with a nativity and regular opportunities to get up on the stage and feel the buzz of performing. 


Resonating throughout the school, music is an essential part of the curriculum and school life, being taught by specialist music teachers as soon as children join us in Nursery. It gives every child the opportunity for expression, creativity, performance, appreciation and enjoyment. Many musical talents are discovered at an early age, and we consider it a privilege to be able to nurture them. 

In Pre-Prep violin is introduced as an additional option from Reception, choir in Year 1 and 2 and group ukulele and recorder lessons in Year 2.