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Woking's First Independent Senior School

Recognising the pressing need for an independent senior school in Woking, we have established Hoe Bridge Senior School. This ensures that your child can benefit from our outstanding education in preparation for GCSE and their choice of further education or career within easy reach of your home. From September 2022, pupils in or joining Year 6 and below at Hoe Bridge School will be able to stay with us until Year 11, when GCSEs are taken.

Extending over 35 Years of Academic Success 

The main things we believe that most parents want from a senior school are the ability to challenge their child to do and be the best they can, prepare them well for GCSEs and education beyond, support their development into responsible citizens and ensure their time at school is happy and fulfilling.

At Hoe Bridge School Seniors, we share the same goals for your child.

The three elements in our core school ethos – Happiness, Confidence and Achievement – have served us and the families who have entrusted their children to our care for over 35 years, educating children from Nursery to Year 8. These core values have allowed happy and successful children to gain their first choice of senior school and exceptional Common Entrance results. The same ethos and high academic standard will continue through to Senior School in ample measure, experienced every day by students who join us at Senior School as well as those who have been with us previously through our Prep School.

With age comes responsibility, and Senior School sees students assume leadership and mentoring roles both in preparation for life beyond Hoe Bridge and to play a practical part in the day-to-day running of the school.

Broad Range of GSCE Options 

Our Year 9 curriculum comprises of English, Mathematics, Sciences, Modern Languages, Latin, History, Geography, TPR (Theology, Philosophy & Religion), Art, ICT, Design & Technology, Music, Drama and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education) before moving into Year 10 and the GCSE programme. Time is also given at this stage to future plans and our dedicated Careers Programme allows students a chance to explore how their current interests could develop into a career or discover ideas for potential future career options. We continue to place considerable emphasis on sport and physical exercise throughout the Senior years, fully aware of the synergies between healthy lifestyle, wellbeing and academic development. As is the case throughout Hoe Bridge, students benefit from small class sizes, tailored learning plans and close attention. 

GCSE Options

Maths French Design Technology
English Spanish Music
Chemistry History Drama
Physics Geography Computer Science
Biology Physical Education Theology, Philosophy & Religion
Latin Art  

Hoe Bridge 11+ Scholarships

Available in Academics, Music, Art, Performing Arts, Sport and an All Round Headmaster Award.
Scholarships recognise those students with exceptional ability or potential in a specific area and seek to nurture this throughout their time at Hoe Bridge through our programme of enrichment and mentoring. Scholarship awards include a fee remission that is specific to the award with a minimum of 10% fee remission. Please find further information about our scholarship programmes and how to apply HERE.


Global Mentor Programme

It’s important to have positive and aspirational people around our Seniors to encourage them to reach their fullest potential. We have a long and extremely successful track record of developing, stretching and creating exceptional young adults through Year 7 and 8, the start of many senior schools, with our incredibly experienced staff. This will continue to be an essential part of what we do within the Hoe Bridge Senior School from Year 9 to 11.

Alongside this we are excited to introduce the Hoe Bridge Global Mentor Programme, where we invite the world’s most inspirational minds, industry leaders, artists and athletes to engage with our Seniors. Hearing and interacting with these accomplished people will add another dimension to their education, inspiring and motivating our young minds that all things are possible.

Staff and mentors will support our ‘Year 5 Pioneers’ who will benefit from numerous years of leadership and responsibility and not just one at the end of their time at senior school. With the added benefit of traditional year group sizes at Hoe Bridge this will allow more opportunities for all children. As ‘Pioneers’, these children will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a long-lasting legacy for others to follow and for them to cherish for the rest of their lives. We look forward to working with all of our children in making this happen

Extending School Life

Our children and families alike benefit from the opportunity to extend school hours beyond normal classroom hours. The Senior day starts at 8:15am or children can join our popular Breakfast Club every day from 7:30am. Senior students finish at 5.30pm which includes prep, where they complete their homework supervised relieving a little pressure at home. Following which we have a wide range of after school clubs to 6.30pm where students can pursue existing or new activities which often develop into lifelong interests. These form part of our seniors enrichment programme, alongside exciting but highly relevant school trips and other curricular and non-curricular experiences.





Competitive Fees

As a local school for local families our fees will remain in line with the Hoe Bridge incremental fee structure into Year 9 to 11. Fees are inclusive as always of morning and afternoon snacks plus a freshly prepared hot lunch which is often an addition fee in many senior schools. Fees for the pioneering seniors for the academic year 2025/26 for Year 9 will therefore remain at the same level as Year 5 to 8 fees. In line with our generous fee structure we are looking at approximately a 6% fee increase above the Year 8 fees for our new Senior Year 9 to 11 fees in 2026/27. This puts us in an extremely competitive position compared with senior schools around us. Please find information on our current fees HERE.

Dedicated New Senior School Building Launching 2026

Hoe Bridge Senior School benefits from substantial investment with its own dedicated building being developed on the Hoe Bridge estate. Allowing us to offer senior classrooms, science labs, ICT suites, dining hall and a new main school creative space, a perfect stage for students to rehearse, perform and captivate.

Of course, given our enviable 22-acre site blessed with its variety of wonderful landscapes, it is only natural that our Senior School students should share the pond, meadow, woods and certain areas of the playing fields with Hoe Bridge’s younger age groups.

Senior sports continue to be central to life at Hoe Bridge utilising both our own facilities and local sports grounds to offer a wide range of team sports with regular fixtures and sports tours both locally and abroad.


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Your Local Independent School, Welcoming Local Families

One of the main reasons behind the establishment of our Senior School was to provide for the first time independent secondary education for families in and around Woking. Students and their families alike benefit from travel times that are shorter than those for senior schools outside the immediate area, allowing students to take advantage of after-school enrichment activities and more time with family at home. We also offer a door to door bus service in the immediate area, a gem for busy, multitasking parents.

We have an open door policy as every student’s learning journey needs a robust child – parent – teacher partnership to be truly effective. We encourage regular informal communication as well as the more structured parent evenings and planning sessions about your child’s future pathway.


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