Senior Girls and Boys

11+ Scholarships

Hoe Bridge 11+ Scholarships available in:

Academics, Music, Art, Performing Arts, Sport and an All Round Headmaster Award

Scholarships recognise those students with exceptional ability or potential in a specific area and seek to nurture this throughout their time at Hoe Bridge through our programme of enrichment and mentoring.

Parents must register their children for 11+ entry in the normal way by completing the online registration form. If you would then like to apply for a scholarship please click on the online application form below the scholarship you would like to be considered for.

Only applications which fulfil the scholarship criteria will be considered. Following scholarship applications a specific scholarship reference will be sought from their school and shortlist candidates will be invited to our scholarship day in January of Year 6.  

Scholarship awards include a fee remission that is specific to the award with a minimum of 10% fee remission. 

The closing date for 11+ registrations and scholarship applications are 1 November 2022.
Shortlisted candidates will be informed by Monday 12 December 2022 and invited to our Scholarship Day on Tuesday 24 January 2023

Academic Scholarships

Please note that no applications are necessary for 11+ Academic Scholarships; all 11+ candidates are considered based on their normal entrance examination results. Shortlisted candidates will be informed by Monday 12 December 2022 and invited to our Scholarship Day on Tuesday 24 January 2023. The Scholarship Day will include an interview and higher order thinking activities.

Once at Hoe Bridge School, academic scholars are invited to participate in the Academic Mentor Programme, which consists of a wide range of both one-off and regular enrichment activities. 

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships are awarded to exceptional 11+ candidates. In order to be considered for assessment candidates must have at least reached Grade 5 (or equivalent) on their principal instrument and Grade 3 on their second by the time they apply for a scholarship at Hoe Bridge. The awarding of scholarships is based on performance on the scholarship audition day. Candidates will be required to play two consecutive pieces on their principal instrument and one piece on their second instrument and to read at sight. A piano accompanist will be provided by Hoe Bridge.

Music scholars play a leading role in the musical life of Hoe Bridge and participate in the Music Mentor Programme performing in local and national performances and tours.


Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships are awarded to exceptional 11+ candidates. This is judged by the variety and quality of a portfolio of their work, which they should bring to the scholarship day to form the basis of an interview. The portfolio should contain a range of media and methods including a sketch book and it should be organised and edited to focus on work from the past year. There will also be a timed observational drawing assessment in pencil, lasting roughly 45 minutes.

Art scholars are required to play an active, enthusiastic part in the creative life of Hoe Bridge and participate in the Art Mentor Programme with regular enrichment activities and are encouraged to enter local and national competitions to develop their artistic talents.


Performing Arts Scholarships

Performing Arts Scholarships are awarded to exceptional 11+ candidates. Applicants should have experience of acting on stage and be able to show a sustained interest in the performing arts and theatre. Candidates may have attended a performing arts school such as Stagecoach and/or taken LAMDA exams, but this is not a requirement. For the scholarship day children will be asked to prepare and perform a short monologue from a published play and perform an unseen audition piece (ten minutes preparation time is allowed immediately prior to the unseen audition piece assessment).

Performing Arts scholars are required to play an active, enthusiastic part in drama and school productions at Hoe Bridge and participate in the Performing Arts Mentor Programme with regular enrichment activities.


Sports/Specialist Sport Scholarships

Sports scholarships are awarded to 11+ candidates on the strength of the student's potential in sport/s. For our Sports Scholarships we look for children who have strength in at least two of our main school sports which are football, hockey, netball, cricket and rugby. For our Specialist Sport Scholarships we look for exceptional strength in any one sport outside our main school sports, for example skiing or golf. The scholarship day will include practical tests in chosen sports including drills and games and basic fitness tests including endurance, power, agility and co-ordination.

Sports scholars benefit from the Sports Mentor Programme taking advantage of motivational talks, coaching sessions and individual nutrition and fitness programmes.


All Round Headmaster Award

These are awarded to 11+ candidates who exhibit the highest levels of excellence in three areas from the scholarship list below, as well as currently holding or having previously held positions of leadership at their current school. This award is for those candidates who will contribute greatly to the wider community and, by their general presence, raise the quality of life for all. Award holders will have an excellent character, a strongly positive outlook and be willing to contribute to all aspects of school life.

Each scholar benefits from a programme that supports and develops the disciplines in which they excel.

- Academic (Maths & English)

- Art (Portfolio)

- Sport (Two Main School Sports/Specialist Sport)

- Music (Two Instruments)

- Performing Arts (Physical & Vocal expression)