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14 October 2019

Hoe Bridge children had a wonderful afternoon enjoying their new facilities with the help of broadcaster and children’s author Dermot O’Leary. Children were engrossed as Dermot explained his love of literature and how his Toto the Ninja Cat series of books is based on his own two cats! A ‘Michael Parkinson’ inspired Q&A with the children, Headmaster Mr Webster and Dermot entertained all before Dermot read his favourite part of his latest Toto the Ninja Cat book and signed his books for lots of eager children. ‘It was a great pleasure to open Hoe Bridge’s new Performing Arts Centre and to meet so many enthusiastic children this afternoon!’ said Mr O’Leary. To top off the day in the Performing Arts Centre the children learnt to draw Toto the Ninja Cat via a video linkup with the books illustrator, Nick East.

The space and the event today inspired many Hoe Bridge children as we heard ambitions of authors, actors, musicians and artists! Mr Webster, Headmaster said ‘The success of any school project of this nature lies in the impact that it has on the children and their enjoyment within the environment. So far this term I have been delighted to see so many beaming smiles, an intense enthusiasm for the performing arts and the sometimes invisible happiness that being in a positive, open, airy and light space can have on a child. We are very fortunate to have these facilities and I am excited to plan what we will achieve in here, both now and in the future, with Drama, dance, singing and music performance being such an important aspect of our ethos as a school.’