Preparing for Senior School and Beyond

Senior School Results


Outstanding 2021 Senior School Results

We are thrilled with the wide range of offers for entry to senior schools achieved by Hoe Bridge children this year. This continues a 30 year tradition of preparing students successfully for entry into their first choice of senior school.


Year 8 Results 2021


Common Entrance Results
 A* to B A* to B
2021 93% 2017 84%
2020 85% 2016 73%
2019 79% 2015 83%
2018 89% 2014 83%


Year 8
Destination Schools
Reed's 5
Royal Grammar School 3
Charterhouse 2
Halliford 1
King Edward's Witley 1
Hampton 1
St George’s College 1
Epsom College 1
Seaford College 1

Year 6 Results 2021


Year 6OfferedAccepted
St George’s College Co-ed 17 12
Royal Grammar School Boys 13 8
King Edward's Witley Co-ed 11 5
St John's Co-ed 12 4
St Catherine's Girls 4 4
Halliford Boys 9 3
Prior's Field Girls 5 3
Reed's Boys 11 2
Tormead Girls 9 2
Salesian College Boys 3 2
St Teresa's Girls 5 1
Charterhouse Co-ed 2 1
Claremont Fan Court Co-ed 2 1
Seaford College Co-ed 1 1
Cranmore Co-ed 1 1
St George's Ascot Girls 1 1
Frensham Heights Co-ed 1 1
Lord Wandsworth College Co-ed 1 1
Magdalen College School Boys 1 1
ACS, Cobham Co-ed 1 1
Surbiton High Girls 1 1
Sir William Perkins’s Girls 3 0
Hampton Boys 2 0
Lady Eleanor Holles Girls 1 0
Freemen's Co-ed 1 0
Kingston Grammar Co-ed 1 0
Wellington College Co-ed 1 0
Haberdashers' Boys Boys 1 0
Pangbourne College Co-ed 1 0
Guildford High Girls  1  1
Total   123 56

Preparing children for Senior School & Beyond

We live in an ever-changing world, one that is forward thinking and constantly challenging the way we think and our ability to adapt. This is something that Hoe Bridge fully embraces and approaches by enabling and fostering a passion for lifelong learning, whilst embracing and valuing individuality within the school community and wider society. Through the 11+ curriculum we prepare each individual in the best possible way for the process of assessment that ultimately secures their place at senior school. We do this through a broad, challenging and diverse curriculum, taught by inspiring teachers and within a structure that is constantly supporting the children in reaching their full potential.

Initial Private Meeting With Mr Webster


Summer term of Year 5


  • Parents initial thoughts on choice of senior school
  • Your child’s current academic performance based on pre 11+ testing in Year 5
  • Mr Webster’s suggested senior schools to review
  • Preparing CV’s

Research Senior Schools


Year 5


  • The Where To Next Fair every September at Hoe Bridge School - over 20 Senior Schools visit
  • School websites
  • Open days


  • Day or Boarding
  • Co-ed or single sex
  • Location/Bus Routes
  • Family connections
  • Fees
  • Facilities
  • School Ethos
  • Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Follow Up Private Meeting with Mr Webster


Autumn Term of Year 6


  • Parental/Child preferences after last meeting and research
  • An update on your child’s academic performance
  • Deciding on senior schools to register with

Register with Senior Schools


Check each school’s closing date for registration usually Autumn Term of Year 6


Recommend two to three schools, ideally a combination of aspirational, realistic and a back-up.

Test Preparation

  • 11+/ISEB Assessment focus including English, Maths, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Practise Papers
  • Mock Exams
  • Interview Practise

Selection Process via 11+ and ISEB Assessments


Most schools set their own 11+ tests so the format can vary. Generally, Maths, English, Verbal and Non- Verbal reasoning tests. Pupils may also be interviewed.

ISEB Assessments for schools such as Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow, Wellington College and Westminster.


Typically tests are done in the January of Year 6 apart from ISEB Assessments in November of Year 6.


You will receive a letter from the senior school with the result, usually by February half term in Year 6.

Mr Webster will then follow up with families on their offers and supporting them on making final decisions.

Common Entrance & Scholarships

Hoe Bridge has had an outstanding record for over 30 years in preparing students for scholarships and Common Entrance exams. In addition, the two-year programme through Year 7 & 8 allows them to study subjects beyond the Common Entrance syllabus with leadership and STEAM programmes.


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