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Outdoor Learning

With 22 acres of forest and fields to call our own, we place great importance on outdoor education. We encourage our children to observe and protect the wonder of nature, to understand the impact that humans can have on their environment and to grow into responsible, caring adults.

Our beautiful setting includes The Hideout, our fantastic outdoor classroom under a huge parachute, our pond area, our woodland walk and meadow. Our pupils enjoy using these green spaces in a wide variety of ways and the teachers timetable outdoor learning every week giving the children many opportunities to apply their skills in different and engaging ways.

Our Pre-Prep set out on adventures to hunt for mini-beasts or conduct flower and tree identifications, they learn to count using outdoor materials, build a camp fire and sing songs and everyone’s favourite activity, toasting marshmallows!

As children move up to the Prep Department, the outdoor learning continues. They now learn the importance of working as a team and master the three P’s of life – patience, persistence and perseverance. This is achieved through bush craft workshops where they learn many outdoor skills such as making their own camp, a tree swing, a bow and arrow or learning the importance of fire safety. 

In outdoor learning there are many risks and as in life, we are unable to avoid them all. As our children grow, we teach them to evaluate, assess and manage risks allowing them to make informed decisions to keep themselves safe - an invaluable skill that will stay with them for life. 

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