Your child will have fun whilst learning, make great friendships and achieve fulfilment from doing their very best.

The House System

When moving into Year 3 and Prep life, children are welcomed into a school house. Wearing their house badges with pride on their blazers, children have the chance to work with their friends and staff, interacting with others and developing new and stronger relationships with different year groups.  The House System forms an essential part of day to day life in the school including the collection of gains (gains are the way in which Hoe Bridge recognises achievement in all aspect of school life) and regular inter-House competitions and activities - house lunches, regular sports competitions, charity events, music competitions and debating competition for seniors. Friendly competition is encouraged!

Important roles of Captain and Deputy for each house are voted on yearly. These positions lead their house, are on hand to look after younger members of the house as well as helping to lead house meetings.