Code of Conduct

Our Pre-Prep is unique in its atmosphere. We have a lot of fun with the children and are often involved in whole department projects such as A Trip Around The World, the Election, Mardi Gras, History Week, Art Week, Red Nose Day, the list goes on. This atmosphere is created by all of us and is based on mutual respect.

Our Hoe Bridge Way is our code of conduct which outlines our principles of learning, teaching and being. It describes how we

  • work hard
  • share
  • look after property
  • listen
  • are honest
  • are kind and helpful
  • are gentle
  • say sorry and move on

and throughout the day children and adults follow this code. Children know that their efforts will be recognised and appreciated and for that reason they strive to do their best. They are rewarded for personal best achievement both in the class and publicly across the department. Our weekly Work of the Week awards are just one of the ways we reward children and they all look forward to Friday’s assembly to hear who has been awarded each week. We know how much the children love the school by their responses to our work – we are often inundated with things to put on our display tables brought from home or found out over the weekend or holiday.

Our Next Open Morning

Tuesday 1 October 2019 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Please come and visit us on our next Open Morning - it would be great to see you!

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