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Senior School Newsletter - June 2022

Headmaster's Update

I am delighted to introduce the first edition of our Hoe Bridge Senior School Newsletter, a platform for us to share important regular updates with our community as we move forwards with planning and structuring the senior years. We are very pleased to launch this publication as we seek to have an openness with parents related to our thoughts and ideas.

This term has seen much happening within numerous committees, brought together to ignite discussion, debate and ultimately generate development in our school offering both now and in readiness for Year 9 to 11. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of these committees for helping us to such a positive and proactive start.

The committees that have been working this term are:

  • Governors HBSS Select Committee
  • HBSS Management Committee
  • Pioneering Senior School Parent Committee

The committee members have specific briefs in moving numerous areas forward and I have been extremely pleased with the impact each one has had in areas such as Teaching and Learning; Enrichment, Build Design, Pastoral and Academic Structuring; Marketing and Alumni, to name just a few. This is a very exciting phase in the school’s history and we are committed to being at the forefront of educational development, with concepts and proposals being sort from many voices.

Please read below some of our action points and future plans that we have agreed. Please look out for ‘Edition 2’ that will be posted in early September, including further pivotal information in various areas, including design details related to our extensive build project for the Senior School development in the meadow.


Pastoral Update

The Senior School will continue to offer outstanding pastoral care to all its pupils. While the pupils will further grow in independence, the pastoral team will remain on hand for guidance support and to work with our young adults while they navigate their way through GCSEs and more leadership opportunities. However, as they become older, the focus will become much more on pupils managing their own time and dealing with all the ups and downs that life brings. Every child will have a designated Form Tutor on hand for support and guidance. As in the Prep, the Tutor will also be there to ensure the pupil is happy, confident and achieving well in all areas of school life.

Alongside this, we will be introducing a Heads of Section role for each of the year groups. The Year 9 Head of Section will be focusing on transition and looking at supporting the pupils with their GCSE choices. Year 10 Head of Section will help with ensuring the foundations for each GCSE is in place and the Year 11 Head of Section will assist with the A-Level choices and career discussions with a focus on university courses as well.

While there will be the feeling of transition and moving to a new building for the pupils, the Pastoral Team will continue to work across all parts of the school. This will ensure that all information is passed on and support is always available. This will allow the School to offer the same level of pastoral care that we currently do.


Academic Update

Sitting alongside our broad academic curriculum, from Year 9 there will be a strong tutoring programme to develop and nurture the ‘whole’ child. In line with our current mentoring system, Heads of Section and Form Tutors will provide support from both a pastoral and academic focus.

Heads of Section will oversee the academic progress of their students and one of their predominant roles will be to an Academic Tutor and provide support and curriculum guidance. From being stuck on a homework question to guidance about ‘A’ Level choices and future careers, the Academic Tutor will be on hand to steer and assist the pupils. They will ensure that all students are prepared and ready to take that next step to Key Stage 4 and ‘A’ levels, by offering guidance about ‘A’ Level subject choices, future schools and potential university careers.

By underpinning student learning and development with a hierarchical support structure, all students will be provided with a tailored experience, something that is a tradition of a Hoe Bridge education.

Broad Range of GSCE Options 

Our Year 9 curriculum comprises of English, Mathematics, Sciences, Modern Languages, Latin, History, Geography, TPR (Theology, Philosophy & Religion), Art, ICT, Design & Technology, Music, Drama and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education) before moving into Year 10 and the GCSE programme. Time is also given at this stage to future plans and our dedicated Careers Programme allows students a chance to explore how their current interests could develop into a career or discover ideas for potential future career options. We continue to place considerable emphasis on sport and physical exercise throughout the Senior years, fully aware of the synergies between healthy lifestyle, wellbeing and academic development. As is the case throughout Hoe Bridge, students benefit from small class sizes, tailored learning plans and close attention. 

GCSE Options

Maths French Design Technology
English Spanish Music
Chemistry             History Drama
Physics Geography Computer Science
Biology Physical Education Theology, Philosophy & Religion
Latin Art

11+ Scholarship applications now open

Scholarships available in: Academics, Music, Art, Performing Arts, Sport and an All Round Headmaster Award

Scholarships recognise those students with exceptional ability or potential in a specific area and seek to nurture this throughout their time at Hoe Bridge through our programme of enrichment and mentoring.

Scholarship awards include a fee remission that is specific to the award with a minimum of 10% fee remission. The closing date for scholarship applications are 1 November 2022. Shortlisted candidates will be informed by Monday 12 December 2022 and invited to our Scholarship Day on Tuesday 24 January 2023.

Please click HERE for much more information on our scholarship programmes and how to apply.





Day & Residential Trips

Throughout Hoe Bridge, pupils experience a vast array of educational trips, both day and residential in order to bring classroom studies to life. This is an important aspect of school life and will continue through to the Senior School broadening further cultural experiences and adventures for all our children.

Year 7 & 8 Residential Trips Planned

Year 7 2023/24 Year 8 2024/25
Bushcraft Survival Expedition - UK (Autumn Term) Bushcraft Survival Expedition - UK (Autumn Term)
Language & Culture Trip - France (Summer Term) Mountain Outdoor Expedition - Italy (Summer Term)
Humanities Trip - Greece (Bi-Annual - Optional) Humanities Trip - Rome (Bi - Annual - Optional)
Football Tour - Netherlands (Annual - Optional) Football Tour - Netherlands (Annual - Optional)
Netball Tour - Europe (Annual - Optional) Netball Tour - Europe (Annual - Optional)
Cricket Tour - St Lucia (Bi-Annual - Optional) Ski Trip - France (Bi-Annual - Optional)


Year 7 & 8 Day Trips Planned

Year 7 2023/24 Year 8 2024/25
Excel New Scientist Live Show (Autumn Term) River Investigations (Autumn Term)
Natural History Museum (Autumn Term) Natural History Museum (Autumn Term)
Resilience Training (Spring Term) Resilience Training (Spring Term)
Brooklands & Mercedes World (Summer Term) Houses of Parliament (Spring Term)
F24 Kit Car Race at Goodwood (Summer Term) Heathrow Airport (Summer Term)
River Investigations (Summer Term) Hampton Court Palace (Summer Term) 
Cooking Extravaganza (Summer Term) Science Museum (Summer Term)


Trips and experiences through Year 9 to 11 will be developed further to include the below and more:

  • Language Trips to France and Spain
  • Charitable Trips to Africa
  • Sports Tours outside Europe
  • Business Studies/Georgraphy Trips to European Cities
  • Drama performances at festivals
  • DofE expeditions (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  • Music and Choir tours (mixture of U.K. and overseas destinations)


House System

Wearing their house badges with pride on their blazers, children have the chance to work with their friends and staff, interacting with others and developing new and stronger relationships with different year groups in our current House system and this will continue through to the Senior School. For Year 9 and above children, the system will aim to develop student leadership in our Senior School and also vertical integration across Prep. Existing pupils will continue in their House with new students being allocated to a House either Cornwall, Kent, Gloucester or York when they enter the school. Siblings are always placed in the same House.

Regular inter-House competitions and activities - house lunches, charity events, music competitions, regular sports competitions and debating competition for seniors will continue and friendly competition is always encouraged! Important roles of Captain and Deputy for each house are voted on yearly. These positions lead their house, are on hand to look after younger members of the house as well as helping to lead house meetings.

Life in Year 7 & 8

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11+ Scholarships

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In conjunction with the announcement of our Senior School opening, we have begun work on our brand new Alumni Network. Our new network will connect together all Old Hoe Bridgeians and provide opportunities for class/year reunions, annual alumni events, online networking and the chance to be more involved in the future of Hoe Bridge. We will be working hard to ensure our Old Hoe Bridgeian community will be as inclusive as possible through a variety of events, reunions and gatherings and a Professionals Group.

The primary purpose of this Professional Group will be to foster meaningful friendships and networks. The aim is that the group will support the school by providing a pool of experienced professionals willing to give guidance and potential job contact opportunities to our students. Whether you are a former pupil, current or former parent, staff, friend or partner, we would welcome your connectivity and involvement with our community.

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