Our Fees

 As from September 2016 the termly fees will be:
Year Group Timescale  2016 - 2017
Nursery Five mornings per week £1,880.00
  Five mornings & two afternoons £2,360.00
  Five mornings & three afternoons £2,600.00
  Five mornings & four afternoons £2,840.00
  Full time £3,080.00
Reception Five mornings & three afternoons £2,765.00
  Full Time  £3,280.00
Years 1 & 2   £3,420.00
Year 3   £4,290.00
Year 4    £4,595.00
Years 5 to 8   £4,870.00









  • Accidental injury insurance, including dental, is included within our fees.
  • Where two or more children from a single family attend the School at the same time, a sibling discount of 5% is applied to the younger child/children.
  • The fees shown do not include the Government’s Early Years funding for children who are under five at the beginning of term
  • The fees include lunch for those children attending all day and all school based curriculum activities e.g. French Theatre, Science Museum visit and Year 3 Music Scheme