Our Fees

 As from September 2017 the termly fees will be:
Year Group Timescale 2017 - 2018
Nursery Five mornings per week £1,930.00
  Five mornings & one afternoon £2,170.00
  Five mornings & two afternoons £2,420.00
  Five mornings & three afternoons £2,670.00
  Five mornings & four afternoons £2,910.00
  Full time £3,160.00
Reception Five mornings & three afternoons £2,830.00
  Full Time  £3,360.00
Years 1 & 2 Full Time  £3,510.00
Year 3 Full Time £4,400.00
Year 4 Full Time £4,710.00
Years 5 to 8 Full Time £4,990.00


  • Accidental injury insurance, including dental, is included within our fees.
  • Where two or more children from a single family attend the School at the same time, a sibling discount of 5% is applied to the younger child/children.
  • The fees shown do not include the Government’s Early Years funding for children who are under five at the beginning of term
  • The fees include lunch for those children attending all day and all school based curriculum activities e.g. French Theatre, Science Museum visit and Year 3 Music Scheme

We are delighted to announce that we will be extending our Early Years Free Entitlement from September 2017. We already offer 15 hours of funding for children who are eligible by age and this will continue as before. From September an additional 15 hours of funding is available to children of working families subject to certain criteria being fulfilled. Parents apply for access to this additional funding directly by contacting Surrey County Council via this link: