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Support and Guidance

Within our role of providing outstanding all-round preparatory education, we consider it vital to provide you with the best advice, support and guidance on which is the most suitable senior school for your child. Our overriding wish is that they will continue to thrive, achieve and be happy in all aspects of their learning and development when they have moved on from the Hoe Bridge family.

Parents of our Year 5 children are invited to an individual meeting with the Headmaster to discuss progress to date, highlighting achievements, strengths, needs and opportunities. It is here that we also begin to discuss choices of senior schools and which will best meet your child’s needs. This dialogue continues between each family and the Headmaster to ensure that each child is supported throughout the process of applying. We maintain close liaison with the senior school that you have chosen to ensure your child’s readiness to move there and the smoothest possible transition.

Hoe Bridge children move on to attend the top academic and all-round day and boarding schools, many gaining academic, sport, art or music scholarships.

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