Children 4 to 5 years old

The move to Reception represents a gentle transition from Nursery, in similar surroundings next to their Nursery with friends they have made there. Our three Reception classes comprise of children coming from our own Nursery as well as those from other nurseries, representing an opportunity to form yet more friendships.

Here your child’s day will become slightly more formal. The emphasis is still on a wide range of practical activities with your child progressing at a rate they are comfortable with, always encouraged and challenged, never pressured. Learning is directed towards recognisable and measurable outcomes such as independent writing, reading and number formation. A wider range of materials is explored in expressive arts and design and more skills learnt in PE, with skipping, field games and swimming introduced. Music sees children explore dynamics, speed and pitch and they sing songs related to class topics and school events such as the Harvest Festival and Christmas nativity.

Our Early Years specialists work together to ensure that your child is fully engaged and inspired throughout every day, all the while continuing to observe and record individual progress to ensure they are best prepared to move on to Year 1. Our comprehensive reading programme ensures every child progresses at a rate that they are both comfortable with and offering challenge, which in turn develops their vocabulary skills utilised in their independent writing. All children make regular use of the Pre-Prep library and ICT suite as well as their dedicated outdoor learning area and forest area called ‘The Hideout’.

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Starting September 2021

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