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A seamless move to your child’s first formal year 


A natural transition

Because of the familiarity of similar surroundings next to Nursery and the friends they have made there, your child’s move to Reception is natural and seamless.

Our Reception year comprises three classes, each with a maximum of 20 children to support effective and close teaching relationships between your child and their teacher and teaching assistant. In this way, we can gain a better appreciation of your child’s evolving abilities, interests and need to build their individual learning plan, and of their concerns to ensure happiness and contentment. It also means that we can welcome children from other Nurseries, bringing exciting opportunities to make new friendships. And like Nursery, each Reception class has direct access to a dedicated outdoor learning space enabling free flow learning between the two.

Progressing according to ability

In Reception, the school day takes on slightly more formality over Nursery whilst still providing ample free choice of activities. The emphasis is still on a wide range of practical activities with your child progressing at a rate they are comfortable with, always encouraged and challenged, never pressured. Continuous, structured assessment of your child’s progress is closely monitored and recorded, with learning directed towards recognisable and measurable outcomes such as independent writing, reading and number formation.

Reception sees your child building on the other basics introduced in Nursery too. This includes introduction to a wider range of arts, design and sensory materials. Our comprehensive Reading and Phonics programme, which begins in Reception, is a proven foundation in helping children to advance, typically, ahead of their age group in English. They also begin to learn cursive, joined-up writing.

Reception also sees more emphasize on the Hoe Bridge Way – our set of life values and system to recognise good behaviour, courtesy and hard work. Friday assemblies are a time to celebrate achievements, and at the end of term we hold a prize giving assembly to reward a wide range of achievements.

Our Early Years specialists work together to ensure that your child is fully engaged and inspired throughout every day, continuing to observe and record individual progress to ensure they are best prepared to move on to Year 1.


Specialist subjects

Reception also sees our specialist subjects progressing to a higher level.

For example, physical activities see the addition of different movements and skills such as skipping, and the start of our learn to swim programme in our pool. A more advanced Music curriculum now includes the exploration of dynamics, speed and pitch and songs related to class topics as well as school events and festivals. Dance and movement continues developing expression and confidence even at such an early age. Again, these subjects are led by specialist teaching staff, but your child’s class teacher still takes the major role in taking the core subjects, as well as having dedicated time to explore the Pre-Prep Library, ICT Suite and leading outdoor learning in our Hideout canopied outdoor classroom and other areas of our wonderful estate.



The child – parent – teacher partnership

Your child’s successful learning journey is a triangular partnership involving the child, parent and teacher. Because the basis for this partnership is regular and meaningful communication, we encourage families to talk directly to Reception staff at drop off and pick up so that progress, achievements and any concerns can be shared informally and spontaneously. Our Head of Pre-Prep also greets families as they arrive at the start of every school day. Parent meetings in the Autumn and Spring term and school reports in the Autumn and Summer term allow for more structured feedback to parents.

Tapestry, our secure online information sharing platform, allows our Early Years staff to routinely post videos and photos of your child's learning journey.





Superb facilities

Not so much an extension to the open plan classrooms as an integral part of your child’s time in Reception, full use is made of the adjacent Pre-Prep Music and ICT suites, library and sports hall. Moving outdoors, our expansive estate provides ample room and inspiration for play, exercise, relaxation and, of course, learning, where your child can take full advantage of the playground, sports field, heated pool and the Hideout outdoor classroom.

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Wraparound care

As is the case in Nursery, our Reception parents can also take advantage of term time wraparound care. You may drop your child off to Breakfast Club from 7:30am or a free early class begins in their classroom allowing you to drop at any time from 8:15am onwards, before registration at 8:55am. The school day finishes at 3:20pm but may be extended until 6:30pm to enable flexibility for busy parents. Children are looked after and kept engaged by our qualified Pre-Prep staff during wraparound care hours. Parents can also extend their childcare in the holidays with dedicated Hoe Bridge camps at Christmas and Easter and in the Summer holidays.

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