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Pupils display an excellent appreciation of those less fortunate than themselves.

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As a school, we have supported many charities over the years. Each year the pupils choose two charities to support and in the last six years we have raised nearly £123,000 for our charities, something that the girls and boys are very proud of!
In 2018 - 2019, our children have voted to support:
Dalit Children 

"A chance conversation with a teacher friend, led to our family joining him for Christmas 2007 at a school for 'untouchables', (also known as Dalits) in Southern India. Having volunteered there two years earlier, Richard told us how moved he had been by the children's exuberance and infectious joy, and in his words, 'happiness with so little'. That Christmas our lives changed forever. We met Father Eric and Father Maxim, the two Indian Jesuit priests who had founded Loyola School in 2004, specifically for Dalit and other impoverished children. Dalits are also known as 'untouchables', or 'outcasts'. These children are the 'poorest of the poor'; many have lost one or both parents, and almost all work from a very young age to help supplement the family income. We were extremely moved by the work being done at Loyola Xavier school to care for and educate these children, so before we left we asked Father Maxim how we could help? He gave us details of 28 Dalit children needing financial sponsorship, and asked if we could find sponsor parents for them. The impact of the trip made me want to sell our house and donate all the money to Xavier school but my husband convinced me this possibly wasn't the right idea long term! He reminded me of Mother Theresa's words, "it is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving...", and suggested I use my enthusiasm and optimism to encourage others to join us to help the 'untouchables'. And so as soon as we'd returned from India in January 2008, the charity Supporting Dalit Children was formed".  Dinah Findlay Founder of Supporting Dalit Children and Managing Trustee



"In 2004, Bianca Effemey, Founder and Chief Executive, was working in the Paediatric Department at Kingston Hospital. She recognised that small touches could make a huge difference to families with seriously ill children. Along with two parents, she founded Momentum to fill a much-needed gap; initially buying a fridge for the hospital to stock ice creams for the children and putting families in touch with others who were in the same situation. Today Momentum Children's Charity provides so much to so many families. Being told your child has cancer or another life-challenging condition is devastating. Day-to-day life is turned upside down. We support the entire family during times of unimaginable strain – the children and their parents, but also siblings and grandparents. We're here to make sure that no family has to cope alone. We support children and their families from all over South West London, Surrey and West Sussex. Families with children facing cancer or another life-challenging condition know we’re there for the whole journey and the whole family for as long as they need us".


2017 - 2018

WaterAid £8,850  www.wateraid.org/uk

The Elizabeth Foundation - £8,850  www.elizabeth-foundation.org

2016 - 2017

Salt Of The Earth - £10,000  www.salt-of-the-earth.org.uk/

Bugzi - £10,000  meru.org.uk/what-we-do/bugzi/

2015 - 2016

Magic Bus India - £7,390   www.magicbus.org

Home for Good - £7,390   www.homeforgood.org.uk

 2014 - 2015

Pebbles Project - £9,500   www.pebblesproject.co.za/

Giving to George's - £9,500   www.givingtogeorges.org.uk

2013 - 2014

The Holy Family Children’s Home, St. Lucia - £7,200   www.holyfamilychildrenshome.org

LinkAble - £7,200   www.linkable.org.uk

2012 - 2013

Plan International - £18,000   www.plan-international.org

LinkLeisure - £18,000   www.linkable.org.uk

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