Years 5 to 8

Children 9 to 13 years old

Years 5 to 8 see a progressively increasing focus on preparation for the 11+ in Year 6 and Common Entrance and scholarships in Year 8. The children learn the same subjects as in Years 3 and 4 with the addition of Latin, a traditional academic subject which has so much relevance in mastery of many European languages. Setting continues in English, maths and French with the addition of science across three sets from Year 6 and streaming is introduced from Year 7. Again, classes have a maximum size of 21.

However, always aware of evolving secondary and further education curricula and careers landscape, we also teach a range of additional STEAM subjects, embraced equally by both our boys and girls.

These are also the years where children learn to identify their own learning needs and apply the necessary hard work in order to satisfy them. In short, they take responsibility and become great thinkers for the future. This process is supported by school trips and residentials, always interesting and engaging, with high levels of participation. Trips are aligned with the current term’s topic, incorporating life skills development and reinforcing concepts such as sustainability and appreciation of other cultures.

Proudly wearing their senior ties our Year 7 and 8 children take on leadership roles such as Head of School and Senior Prefects. Character building through Bushcraft, residential trips and leadership and team building courses ensure our children are ready for senior school and beyond.

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