Year 3 & 4

Years 3 & 4

Children 7 to 9 years old

One of the main day-to-day changes that your child will experience on moving up to Year 3 is an increase in the number of specialist teachers they visit weekly. This is made as easy as possible and we find that all our children enjoy this newly found variety in their school day. Your children’s Form Teacher, your main point of contact, as well as taking morning and afternoon form time also monitors general academic progress and coordinates pastoral care.

Each year group comprises of three separate classes with a maximum of 21 children in each class. Setting is introduced in Years 3 and 4 for maths and English across four sets and French from Year 4 across three sets.

English, mathematics, science, French, history, geography, TPR (theology, philosophy & religion), art, ICT, design & technology, music and PSHCE are all taught well beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum, and are the subject of informal assessments throughout the year, with formal end of year exams. This allows us to see each child’s progression and look at how best we can support children as we start to look at senior school entry in Year 5.

Regarded as having equal importance in the school week, is physical activity and sport. Girls and boys have separate PE and games lessons with seasonal sports taught by specialist PE teachers. Ensuring an all-round education Hoe Bridge children are exposed to a wealth of opportunities. We offer an instrumental programme in Year 3 where children try a range of instruments during their timetabled music lessons, curriculum related trips throughout the year as well as an overnight stay in Year 3 and a wide choice of termly hobbies on Wednesday afternoons, giving children time to relax and try different activities. This can be extended through our after school activities.

Children join a house in the Prep department, either York, Cornwall, Gloucester or Kent, with siblings joining the same house. During the school year children enjoy house competitions across different areas of the curriculum including sports and music. Year 3 also sees the introduction of gains and losses, awarded for behaviour and work in school. These are collated through the year as children work towards bronze, silver and gold certificates as well as gains and losses going towards their house total. Distinctions are awarded for outstanding work and Headmaster Commendations for exceptional performance and good deeds. Both accolades are presented in assembly.

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