Toddlers' Teas


Children 3 to 4 years old

At Hoe Bridge Nursery we never tire of the wonder of observing the changes that take place in children even during their short time with us: in their physical, emotional and social development, evolving motor skills, communication, interpretation, understanding, learning and expression.

Our specialist Early Years teaching staff are trained to nurture and bring out the best in your child at such a vital stage in their development. Language, numeracy, creativity, science and discovery, music and physical activity are all incorporated into the day through a wide and engaging range of play and practical activities.

Your child will enjoy freedom to make choices about their activities within the structure of the curriculum. The Nursery staff will work closely with them while they develop language skills, stretch their imagination, discover new concepts and materials and learn to share and socialise with their classmates and embrace diversity. All the while they will be continually observed and their skills, interests and needs recorded as part of their individual learning plan. This is overseen by a key member of our Nursery staff responsible for their progress and wellbeing who is also your main point of contact for regular communication and any questions or concerns that may arise.

Music and sport is a large part of school life throughout Hoe Bridge. Specialist classes start from Nursery with dedicated Pre-Prep PE and music teachers. Through simple games and gymnastics we work on control, balance and hand-eye coordination skills. In Music they are introduced to songs and rhymes, percussion instruments and practise moving, clapping and playing on the beat.

Your child will experience a gentle, stepped start to Nursery. They are invited to our informal play sessions called Toddlers’ Teas held on Monday afternoons plus a formal play session and New Nursery Day in the summer term before joining. Even at this early stage our Early Years specialists will note their observations about your child’s potential likes, skills and needs helping us support your child’s transition into Nursery with ease.